We help you reach your objectives.

now, more than ever, DIY artists need reliable sources of funding that minimize the risk of their project.

With our Services+ offering, we provide everything you need to distribute, manufacture or promote your album once it has been recorded.
To also cover the financing needs for your project and ensure pre-sales, we have partnered with the best crowdfunding services available to musicians in order to create campaigns tailored to the needs of your project. We raise the money you need and organize the promotion and pre-sales for your next release.

Crowdfunding partners

We will select the best crowdfunding option for your project, depending on your financial needs, your artistic career, your existing community and your personal and professional goals. Whether your project is large or small, we have the solution to make your idea a reality.

Pledge Musicpledge
is the reference crowdfunding service worldwide and is aimed at more established artists and bands. Pledge counts with recognized experts from the music industry does much more then only getting get the necessary funding for your next project. Working on the basis of a pre-selection, Pledge provides advice during all phases of releasing your next album:

  • Connection witn fans
  • Exclusivity
  • Contests
  • Real-time updates to your fanbase about progress
  • Maintains your community alive and active after sale

What do we do?

We develop a custom-made strategy and select the best crowdfunding platform for your project in order to achieve success in every way.

The goal: Create an optimized campaign for your fans where you have total control over whatever perks you offer; the price, and the data the interaction with your fans generates. The most important points are:

  • Start with the marketing of your project before finishing the recording. This increases significantly the scope of the campaign and the fruits it can bring to you and your fans. The entire recording process will be part of the marketing campaign. As a result, you and your fans will obtain more information and knowledge about the project once it is ready for marketing, which increasing sales opportunities and ensures success.
  • The selected crowdfunding platform facilitates the monetization of your interactions on social media from day one of the campaign.
  • Exclusive updates for your fans increases the visibility of your campaign and encourages sharing on social networks.

Why La Cupula Music?

We work on the basis of proximity, transparency and independence and we can help you with everything you need for your campaign – from initial promotion to digital distribution, manufacturing CDs or vinyl and selling merchandise. We can even get products your directly to your fans. We help you to manage the project and are part of your team during the entire process.

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