Get the most out of your music.

We know that the quality of your sound is what counts. We offer the services of our professional mastering studio in order to offer you the best results. With this service we convert your sound recordings sound in a professional, finished product, ready for sales and promotion.
Thanks to the experience of our experienced sound engineers we can offer you an Analog Mastering Service of exceptional quality at a very affordable price.

Select the type of mastering that best suits your needs:


E-Mastering for CD and digital

Starting at €52.
Make your music shine. Professional mastering at a great price.

Audio mastering


E-Mastering for Vinyl

Starting at €52.
Get the best out of vinyls with our quality Analog Vinly mastering.

Vinyl mastering


E-Mastering for iTunes

Starting at €50.
Your music, specially mastered for the iTunes Store.

Mastering for iTunes

Bands and Artists that have mastered with us include:

Jaleo Real, Joe Crepúsculo, Chano Domínguez, Grossomodo, Maria de Medeiros, The Eyes, La Pegatina, DJ Yellow, Jah Nattoh, Dani Nel·lo, Tote King, Bo Diddley, Willie Nelson, La Sucursal s.a., Paco Osuna, Beef, Camping, Demo, Loren i Suga, Delux, Professor Angel Dust, Pirats Sound System, Le Rat Luciano, 45 Niggaz, La Brigada, Pelo Madueño, Yaina, La Troba Kun-fú, Las Migas, Kuasar, Nemset, Burman Flash, Paquito d’Rivera, Rosa Rosario, Undo, Vicknoise, Rockzilla, Flanagan, The f-e-o-s, David Gausa, Hiroshi Oky, Cabo San Roque, Cheb Balowski, Che Sudaka, Manos de Topo, Oscar Abril Ascaso + Sedcontra Avec Les Autres, Asphalt bangers, Lady in black, Moses, White Russians, Pachamama crew….

The best equipment for the best results.

Our mastering studio is equipped with the following gear:

  • Speakers – Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 802 d Custom
  • Power amplifier – Spectral dma100s
  • Subwoofer – Velodyne SPL 1200
  • Converters – Lynx – Mytek
  • Eq – Manley Massive Passive (mastering version)
  • Eq – Prismsound Maselec MEA-2
  • Comp – Manley Vary-mu (mastering version modified)
  • Comp – Prismsound Maselec MLA-2
  • Limiter – Waves L2 Hardware
  • Mastering insert switcher – Manley Backbone
  • DAW – Magix Sequoia 10
  • Transport – Alesis Masterlink
  • Transport – Sony DAT
  • Master Clock – Apogee Big Ben
  • Cables – Cardas, Jps-labs, Mit, Xo, Canare.
  • Furniture – Sterling modular & Herman Miller.
  • Acoustic – RPG Difractal, Lafarga and Sandoval diffuser

Listen to the difference between Mastered Audio and audio that has not been mastered:

Rock before Mastering: Random Feelings / Lost in Circles

Reggae before Mastering: Ginjah / Mama (Discomix)

Pop before Mastering: Brazzaville / Proskovia

Rock after Mastering: Random Feelings / Lost in Circles

Reggae after Mastering: Ginjah / Mama (Discomix)

Pop after Mastering: Brazzaville / Proskovia