How does it work?

Distribute your music in 4 easy steps:

1. Create release

Register and create a release. Add the artist and label profiles you need It´s intuitive and easy.

2. Upload Audio

Once you created your release, you can add the cover art and tracks. It´s really easy and we have tutorials if you need some help.

3. Distribute

Once you validated your release, you decide where you want to distribute it.

4. Get Paid.

Analyze your sales. Request your Royalties outpayment when your want.

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¿Where can I distribute my music?

Distribute your music to all major digital music services. You decide where you send your releases. You always have 100% control over your catalogue.



No packages, no plans, just pay as you go. And you receive 100% of your sales revenue.

With La Cupula Music you only pay what your really need for the digital distribution of your music. Our rates are among the most competitive in the market. There is no annual fee to renew the service, just a monthly cost for hosting your tracks on our servers. Simple, easy and transparent.

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Upload & Quality control €0.75 per track (you only pay this once)
Distribution €0.75 per track per channel (you only pay this once)
Management fee €0.01 per minute of audio per month (which is approx. €0,60 per track per year)
ISRC codes  FREE
UPC codes  FREE
Access to our support centre  FREE
Payout You receive 100% of sales revenue generated

All prices are ex. VAT

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